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Sandeep Chowta [Hindi]

Pyar tune kya kiya - title song [Film: Pyar tune kya kiya (2001)] <TC>
The tune is ditto lifted from Regan's theme from the OST the movie Exorcist II The Heretic, with music by Ennio Morricone. 
Listen to Pyar tune kya kiya | Regan's theme
Incredible lift, but here's an interesting flashback. Ram Gopal Varma's obsession for horror films is pretty unique. One such venture was the J.D.Chakravarthy, Maheshwari Telugu film, Deyyam (1998). The film's composer was V.Satyanarayana. The interesting thing about this film is the song, O Jabilli. Most people up north may be familiar with this song's tune since this was exactly the same tune of the title song of Pyar Tune Kya Kiya! Ram Gopal Varma was the co-producer of this film! Itís quite amazing to see inspiration flowing from the soundtrack of a lesser known horror film, considering the sequel wasnít as popular as the original. So, it seems like Ram Gopal Varma 'inspired' both the composers with his fetish for the scary! Listen to O Jabilli
Raundhe hain [Film: Pyar tune kya kiya] <TC>
Ditto copied from the track Vampire hunters which was part of OST of the horror classic 'Bram Stroker's Dracula'. The original was by the Polish composer Wojceich Killar.
Listen to Raundhe hain | Vampire hunters
Sandeep had talked about his revolutionary deed of crediting original composers and the credit given here was the word 'W.Killar' with no other details whatsoever. So much for giving credits!!! Also, its common knowledge that Ram Gopal Verma is obsessed with the idea of making the perfect horror movie and keeps failing every time. That horror thingy seems to have rubbed on Sandeep too, what with 2 horror soundtrack inspirations in one movie!
Khambakt ishq [Film: Pyar tune kya kiya] <TC>
Inspired from the song 'Eireann' by Afro Celt Sound System.
Listen to Khambakt ishq | Eireann
3 inspirations in film and he still gets away with an award or two plus also smart aleck statements like he has done a noble deed by crediting foreign composers for his inspirations! How come he forget to credit the original composers of the other two? 
Main tere dil ki mallika [Film: Mast (1999)] <TC>
Lifted from the song 'Brazilian Love Song' also called as 'Andorinha Preta' composed originally by Breno Ferreira. 
Listen to Main tere dil ki mallika | Andorinha Preta (Nat King Cole) | The Brazilian Love Song (Steel Drums of Caribbean)
Sandeep Chowta is famous for his antics - the one which is most famous is his 'crediting' act. Sandeep says he's honest enough to credit the sources of his songs. In Mast, he credits RD Burman for the 'Pucho na yaar' song and a certain "J.Hornet and K.Lewis" for the 'Main tere dil ki' song. Eh? J.Hornet? K.Lewis? Exactly...this is not crediting, I'm sure the intention of crediting is make people aware that there is a original song which exists and which came in a particular year, was sung/written by somebody and so on. What's the earthly use of naming 2 people below a song? Though I've still not able to find out whereabouts of these 2 gentleman I sure do know the original of this Mast song. The original is called 'Andorinha Preta' (I presume its Brazilian/ Portuguese for 'Black Swallow', the bird!). Its more popularly called as 'The Brazilian Love Song' (TBLS). The original composer of this track is Breno Ferreira, and it was composed somewhere in the early 1920s. Composer Ravi has used the same tune for his 1964 song 'Zindagi se pyar karna seekhlo' from the movie 'Phool aur pathar'. TBLS has been covered by many singers including Nat King Cole and Bert Kaempfert. And an instrumental version by a group called 'Steel Drums of Caribbean' seems to be popular too - its all over P2Ps like Kazaa! And yes, Sandeep has lifted the song as-is...very less imagination added to it making it another blatant copy from the Sandeep stable!
Listen to Zindagi se pyar karna seekhlo [Strangely enough, its only the rap-like part that has been used in this oldie. The main tune seems to be a bit different. Sandeep's version is however a ditto copy!]


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