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Kalyanji Anandji [Hindi]

Ye sama [Film: Jab Jab Phool Khile] <TC>
From the Mexican song 'Besame Mucho'. The version added here is by Louis Miguel!
Listen to Yeh sama | Besame mucho
Kalyanji Anandji supposedly have told this to some journo, themselves. The hindi version has been very tastefully done. A masterpiece by Kalyanji Anandji!
Baje payal chun chun [Film: Chhalia (1960)] <TC>
From the song 'Desert Hero' (Qalbi Nazil Daqq), from the collection 'Music for an Arabian Night' (1959) by Ron Goodwin.
Listen to Baaje paayal chun chun (Chalia) - Desert Hero (Qalbi Nazil Daqq)
The composer of the original (Qalbi Nazil Daqq) was Philemon Wehbe.
Ae dil ab kahin na jaa [Film: Bluff Master (1963)] <TC>
From Sidney Bechet's 'Petite Fleur' (1952).
Listen to Aye dil ab kahin na jaa | Petite Fleur
Inspired. I'm including a version of petite fleur by acclaimed Saxophonist Fausto Papetti that sounded really beautiful. Trivia: Sidney Bechet was the first person to play jazz on a soprano saxophone and his 'Petite Fleur', released in 1952 became a world-wide hit.
Dil khoya khoya [Film: Mohobbat ke dushman (1987)] <TC>
Lifted off Persian singer Googoosh's 'Man amade am'.
Listen to Dil khoya khoya | Man amade am
'Man amade am' is one of Googoosh's most famous songs! Its a neat, albeit, blatant lift! The only thing I've not been able to ascertain is the original's year of release...let me know if somebody can pitch in with that part.
Nain milakar [Film: Aamne Saamne (1967)] <TC>
From France Gall's 'Poupée de cire'.
Nain milakar:
Poupée de cire:
The song seems like a clever and intelligently converted Hindi remake of the French song that a young, France Gall sung to win the Eurovision song contest in 1965, just 2 years before the Hindi film. France Gall was representing Luxembourg with this song that was composed by renowned French composer Serge Gainsbourg. The tune is largely similar, though the composers in Hindi have appropriately changed the pitch to suit Shashi Kapoor...the backing orchestration too is very 60s in a Hindi filmy way. There are many, many cover versions of the original in many languages (see this list in Wikipedia) and this Hindi, filmy one needs to be added under the unaccredited covers section.
Laila O Laila [Film: Qurbani (1980)] <TC>
From Black Blood's Chicano.
Laila O Laila:
This one's truly a whopper! Feroz Khan's Qurbani was most popular for one song - Biddu's guest composition, 'Aap jaisa koi mere', sung by Nazia Hassan. But there was another chartbuster from the same film that is often confused as Biddu's second composition from the film - 'Laila O Laila', sung by Kanchan. As far as I understand, Laila was composed by Kalyanji-Anandji with drums by Babla and arrangements by Viju Shah, Kalyanji's son. Now, Laila O Laila is this week's entry - not Aao Jaisa! Laila seems to be a almost-direct and very clever reinterpretation of a very popular Afro-funk 1975 track titled 'Chicano', by an African band named Black Blood. The band is also known for other hits like Aye Mama and A.I.E. Notice how most of the original is beautifully adapted in Hindi, including that catchy progression and those fancy break beats.


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